Comment: Let's debunk the static step by step shall we?

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Let's debunk the static step by step shall we?

Step 1: Start with the premise that any tragic incident is a massive, intricate government conspiracy.

Guilty as charged. When you have researched for as many hours as I have, starting with GovCorp is probably hiding something and/or complicit is a pretty safe bet.

Step 2: Denounce any information presented by a mainstream, non-conspiracy source that directly counters the predetermined conspiracy narrative as corrupt and part of the conspiracy.

You left out a very important part of this step. I denounce any kind of LAME stream information that is baseless, source-less or in some way sourced ANONYMOUSLY. If you take LAME stream information as fact in any other case: YOU'RE A SHEEPLE!

Step 3: Monitor these same mainstream sources for information that supports the predetermined conspiracy narrative, even if only remotely. Mainstream media reporting mistakes that support your conspiracy (or any conspiracy really) must be treated as rare moments of truth, glimpses inside the Matrix. Any mainstream media reports in favor of the conspiracy should be treated like the word of God. Spam that information everywhere.

When "mistakes" by "journalists" are made to the degree of, for example, there were 2 handguns, no 4 handguns, no he used an "assault riffle" but the "assault riffle" was found later in the CAR? It tends to get pretty old and downright predictable after a while. There's a definite pattern. If you you have your eyes wide open you can see it.

Step 4: Imagination is the same thing as undeniable fact. There is nothing wrong with manipulating Youtube videos and using Photoshop to edit information to make it more obvious for the stupid sheeple to understand.

This is just a blatent attack. This is absolutely false. Anyone who does this is not welcome in my camp and will be called out by ME AND HAS BEEN CALLED OUT BY ME MANY TIMES right here on this site!

Step 5: Reject the skeptics to the conspiracy theories aggressively. Call them out for being sheep, shills, Cointelpro, paid agents, et cetera. Do not ever doubt yourself, because if you think they are any of these nouns, then it is undeniably true. After all, the conspiracy theory you are trying to wake the world up to is a fact. Only a sheep would think otherwise.

Guilty as charged. You shills and sheep all sing the same tune. Not one of you has a shred of originality to what you say... not only that... but many of you are DIE HARD APOLOGISTS for GovCorp Inc and it's downright REPULSIVE!

Step 6: Bring up the founding of the Federal Reserve, the Bay of Pigs, The Gulf of Tonkin, and other well known deceptive schemes by the government often (every conversation if need be.) These actions were confessed by government, therefore every other conspiracy theory is true!

Amazing how you completely vault over reason yet still sound somewhat logical. No this is false. We frequently bring up these ADMITTED conspiracies to prove that GovCorp Inc has done "things like such and such" in the past. Your wide stretch to "every other conspiracy" is laughable - I really hope nobody was actually fooled by it.

Step 7: Cite declassified documents often, as they are invaluable. If the government reports that a secret program was started and ended 60 years ago- DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. The secret programs for sure are still occurring and are now more massive, sinister, and successful than before.

This is just idiocy. Where are you getting this garbage? When EVIDENCE arises that conflicts with the OFFICIAL STORY that these programs ended - we wonder why... is that okay with you? Apparently not. In your UTOPIA you would decide how people are to think... and what questions they are allowed to ask.

Step 8: Remember that most of witnesses and victims involved in conspiracy event are actors. Medical examiners, emergency responders, the police, reporters, they are almost all in on it. The innocent people caught up in the conspiracy were either killed or have been threatened by the conspirators and are too afraid to come forward (or they possibly never existed to begin with.)

Everything is compartmentalized. It all runs on the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. You are paid to do x, someone else is paid to do y... etc etc... with a pyramid hierarchy pretty much any large corporation can guide a mass of people to do a dirty deed and they would never know they did it. Just look at all the auto recalls for example because car makers wanted to cut corners and skirt safety to save money. Surely EVERYONE who was on that production line for that particular make and model were "in on it" right?

Step 9: Blitz the world with the truth until everyone deletes you on Facebook or you are banned from your favorite web sites. Lay low for a period, regroup at your favorite alternative web sites, get encouragement and reinforcement from the other awakened truth seekers, and start the process all over again with a new conspiracy.

Yes you definitely don't want people saying the word "truth" right? Since it's like Kryptonite to folks like you.

I gotta hand it to you though... this list is a stroke of genius... EVIL genius however. The sheep oughta eat this right up!