Comment: Hold fast to love.

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Hold fast to love.

The option is fear, and fear manifests so many ugly things.
While this was an ongoing drama, I kept thinking of the day I got back on the internet... I wondered if it was sort of like that for you, to be there, knowing all that you know.
All summer off, I had ignored the "real" world and lived on my farm. I got back online, and on there is a headline about SWAT raid in a dinky little town in Idaho. I click, and sat there dumbfounded as I watch my friend get dragged from her home, watch her husband be held at gunpoint, then take a tour of the house from the view of a rifle mounted camera...
I suspect you will go through many realizations as you process this, I did. Some of them might make you sad, or angry, but hang in there. It was brutal hard to realize no one was going to help these people, not even me. There was a handful of us with the best of intentions, we tried to get their story out there... Only so much we can do. The tyranny is so egregious and constant that we all have crisis fatigue... But once I got my brain around that whole "gonna hang alone thing" it lightened the burden of knowing how bad things are. I want to save everyone from tyranny. Some do not want saved, and I have to learn to let them have that - I only make myself aggravated trying to "free" willing slaves. And so, if I release the burden of feeling like someone ought to help them, and got over the anger of realizing no one would help me either, I then was gifted with permission to not try to rescue anyone else. That does not mean I don't care, or that I will start lying now - it is very profitable and socially acceptable... But I have said for years now that true liberty is a DIY project, and I finally have "permission" to work on MY project. You know, the one I was born to do. Make a better me.
My best to you and your fair city. I only spent a week there, but it was a living history lesson, and I really enjoyed it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.