Comment: We win through unity and understanding

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We win through unity and understanding

I have been following the daily paul since January 2012 and only have had a membership for a few days. Although my relationship with the daily paul is fairy new it has easily been my go-to sight when I first heard about Ron Paul. I knew I instantly had a connection with this site when I realized I was reading the thought provoking comments people were leaving. Not only did it help me gain new perspectives about this thing I was learning about called "liberty" but it helped me realize I wasn't alone in this. That there were other people with genuine opinions working towards the same goal, a principled man with a pure heart becoming president. That day as predicted by many didn't come and shattered the optimism I had built. I thought by some miracle Ron Paul was going to walk into that white house and fix the country. In doing so I had forgotten one of the most important lessons taught by liberty, that true change comes from the individual; not outsourcing it.

As you have described, when the campaign ended I began to see many more posts that included Infowars or AJ. I think this was partly due to the fact we didn't care much for the general election and Alex is one of the most popular alternative media sources out there. As the general election past and media began to focus on other things I began to see the treads that Paul left all over the place, maybe he didn't lose. MSM was being forced to cover the things that RP talked about, even here in the leftist holy land I was seeing RP stickers on signs. I saw the worst of the conspiracy side come to face after the Sandy Hook shooting, Every day there were new conspiracies on this site that didn't even seem plausible or wouldn't even be a benefit for the establishment to do. I realized what was going on when the conspiracy of Lanza's father going on trial for the LIBOR scandal came up. When it was de-bunked within 3 hours there were MSM reports of this theory coming from the daily paul.

The system is afraid of us and has realized we have gained traction, ignoring us doesn't work anymore. Now that they are forced to recognize our existence they are going to try and de-rail us by labeling us as "cooks" and "conspiracy theorists". They are trying to push mis-info on us so they can use our blunder to generalize us further. A gleaming example of this is when AJ went on piers morgan and went off the chain. Although I found it to be the best 14 min i've seen on CNN, they used it to there advantage. Playing it every hour making AJ look nuts and throwing us all in the mix.

I think those who post on this site need to take the time to double check what they're posting and realizing that they are waiting for us to post something that they can use to there advantage. We also have to realize that although we don't agree on all things we agree in the principals of freedom and we need to focus on working together to get our point out there. There is a video on youtube of the cops holding people up by gunpoint and taking them out of there houses in Watertown. We need to get that video out to everyone we know and make them look at the government that can't balance its budget, that can't fight for our basic civil liberties is pointing a gun at us with the tax dollars we give them. Lets unite on the things we agree on and push foward.