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First off... I don't have a name :)

I choose to call myself "vinceableworld" when I'm online. My friends call me Vince or Vincent.

Seriously, I applaud you for standing up and getting your ass kicked by everyone. I know it isn't much fun and you probably prefer to be doing something else.

I get maybe one or two comments a year from people who are enlightened enough to actually see through the emotional crap and actually grasp what I'm after. The truth is not popular. One who searches for truth is not going to be very popular. I can't tell you how much it means to me that someone actually RECOGNIZES that sacrifice every once in a while instead of beating me up for it.

Yes I would prefer to be homeschooling my children on my farm someday growing food for people... I'd like to help give the homeless a hand up to get back on their feet.

You are SPOT ON this comment and I too was telling the truthers (I am a truther and still was then) to CHILL OUT so we could possibly get Ron into the White House. There were plenty of LAME stream things that we would be able to win on... just the FED information would have put us over the top.

I think we might have had a better chance if some were not selfishly focused on 9/11 and needing instant gratification instead of looking at the big picture and realizing if we don't get someone to follow the LAW elected then we can scream about 9/11 all we want and it won't do us any good... short of some PAG (Private Attorney General) stepping up in court and prosecuting the culprits themselves.

Just like Romney's campaign said "we can go right after the primaries" we the conspiracy theorists should be toning it down A LOT when we're backing up a potential candidate that could ACTUALLY GET US SOME ANSWERS IF ELECTED!