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Comment: I'm a fraud aye Bear?

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I'm a fraud aye Bear?

In what way? Did I NOT listen to his words while I was dictating them?

"All government would be private. I haven't gotten to that point yet. I would think that ahh maybe that is an ultimate goal but not for a long time to come."

I would NEVER say that. NEVER!!!

No government would be the ultimate goal if I thought I could get rid of mans covetous nature, but I can't. Our nature can merely be contained by justice. Getting rid of another persons covetous nature is beyond my power. Even if I could "privately owned government" would NOT be my ultimate goal.

I don't covet power, and won't turn a blind eye to those who do.

I also DIDN'T hear him telling people what's wrong with Anarchism. I heard him saying Anarchism is his ultimate goal yet he's not an Anarchist. I heard him saying that a world filled with privately owned armies and goon squads is his ultimate goal.

Sounds like an Anarchist to me...

What I heard was somebody who knows he can't reach his goal anytime soon because Anarchism is a repellent force in politics. Anarchism is a broken idea that fails in the real world for a reason. It's not something I'm working towards for a reason.

"HE IS A MINIMALIST! What do you think the US Government was after the Constitution was in place? Why do you think he had so much support?"

The Constitution is what it is and cedes most authority to states, but it doesn't say anything about a state being 'minimalistic' in their approach. An individual state can become a monstrous statist slum. California is allowed to run all sorts of sick and disgusting Socialist operations should they choose, and to back up their operations with collective force.

The Constitution is what is. The Constitution is what an Anarchist claims to want, local control, but the truth is localists are not minimalistic or Anarchistic in their approach.

The size of the state doesn't matter. Those who offer people the fruits of injustice will end up leading, because people covet what isn't theirs. People want something for nothing and they get the government they deserve for a reason, even with a Constitution saying they deserve better.

PS Ron Paul isn't my hero. You shouldn't hero worship any man or woman, especially a politician. If you find yourself hero worshiping a politician, something is VERY VERY wrong.