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Comment: It is the grassroots within the GOP supporting Rand

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It is the grassroots within the GOP supporting Rand

The Neocons are the establishment.. they are the guys with the private jets and making deals to keep their power. The tea party and the rEVOLution/Liberty movement within the GOP is what is backing Rand.. I don't know any with a private jet making offers. I do know many trying to get funds, seats, chairs, offices to take the GOP from the Neocons.. as ling as the neocons have power, than that is who is going to have to bring around to liberty, more than Indy grassroots, who could vanish with a GJ campaign, or nap, or Ron Paul.. so those of us in the GOP, with our loyalty oaths,, we need the neo support, or to replace them (even better), more than indy support. Ot wpuld be one thing if Indy's were going to join the GOP, but those who have been there done that, have no intention of returning, I've been told.