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Comment: Why am I wrong? It's my call

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Why am I wrong? It's my call

Why am I wrong? It's my call through my analysis. I use technicals--i.e., I block out all noise in the news.

Now if Sinclair is right, then this would be another anomaly and, yes, the price would skyrocket and my analysis would get smashed. But for now it's just noise, and I'm sticking to my call.

And another thing, you people act like I'm anti-gold... Well I'm NOT!!! Hear that you little Alex Jones Conspiracy CREEPS! I own probably more than you, and I have bought some at high prices, but I don't let it cloud my judgement or my analysis.

Go crawl in a hole with your storable food and generators and cry yourself to sleep because I said the price should drop more....

This site has gone way down hill, the people that come hear now belong in a mental facility.....