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"unless someone like yourself wishes to explain"

be glad you live in this century, then! The site creator was kind enough to anticipate this: is FotoForensics

If the OP video's claim is the hand is moved and there's some leftover ghost hand, the ghost hand simply doesn't match. If the claim is instead that a wholly different source image hand is added in, then the ELA analysis would have clearly revealed it very differently than it currently is.

If your claim is that the backpack seen here:

Is not the backpack seen here:

That's possible, but there were 2 backpack bombs, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Understand the further implication of the claim is that the original photographer, (David Green, who first uploaded it to Facebook before the FBI got it, and then was contacted by various news groups and agencies) was in cahoots the whole time to fake the information before even uploading it to Facebook, before he even knew what to photoshop. That is impossible.

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