Comment: I used to love me some

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I used to love me some

I used to love me some Celente, especially around 2008 when he became popular on this website.

Then you know what happened? I discovered the guy has been WRONG about everything! Every single call he has been wrong.

You know who else has been completely WRONG?

Max Keiser
Peter Schiff
Pastor Lindsey Williams
Jeff Rense
Mike Adams
The list goes on and on....
(I'll leave AJ off this list because I never heard him make a prediction.)

Yes, I agree that both sides make bad calls, but you cannot listen to folks that predict one side over and over and over again and expect your life to be better somehow.

I think the best mind out there is Marc Faber. Even though he has made some wrong calls, he has made some great ones too and he keeps an open mind. You need an open mind people or you will die hungry, broke and dumb!