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Comment: The Law Perverted, the Law turned into something else...

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The Law Perverted, the Law turned into something else...

The predictable and predicted consequence of the Law perverted.

When the Law has ceased to be Justice and only Justice... to be turned into something else:

whatever the plunderers, thieves, liars, hypocrites, bullies ruling over the people, have deemed "good" TO FORCE onto the people.

That's right... I am applying collectivist thinking about a collective, which just can't cease to call, praise, and admire itself all day long, all over the place on this planet :

The collective of Big Government and its special interests at war against liberty, peace, prosperity.

The ugly collective at war against the peoples, against their lives, or against anything else which ought to remain rightfully their own.

The collective at war against every single individual.

R.I.P. Justice.

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