Comment: Kudos to your daughter. And

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Kudos to your daughter. And

Kudos to your daughter. And to you. If your daughter can buck social pressure in 10th grade, when it's so pointed, she'll be sitting well for the rest of her life.

And what a cherry on top to hear the teacher praise her consistency and logic, and to have other students express interest.

I totally get why this experience of hers is scary. But if you look at it off-angle, the roll-over-I-surrender public school peers of hers seem pretty open. Even the teacher. They may have said the programmed stuff, but when they heard your daughter speak truth, they responded. That counts for a lot. That's hope.

My 8th grade son had several similar experiences in his civics class. He says he's converted two of his classmates to Ron Paul liberty and his teacher has told my husband and I that our son was the most well informed kid he's had in class and that his argumentative style provoked the best class discussions he's ever had.

Tell your daughter a mom and her fourteen-year-old son in Montana give her a high five!