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Comment: I'm not running anywhere.

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I'm not running anywhere.

My "conspiracy collective"? Surely, you jest. I am not buying into ANY conspiracy that says these two brothers acted alone without the knowledge of the fbi.

My "conspiracy collective" is NOT buying into the theory that Bostonian's rights where not trampled under Martial Law. Hell no, I'm not buying into any of that crap that you support.
What is more dangerous, my questioning attitude or your, "lay down and lick the boots of the jack-booted thugs", attitude?

Dangerous to this site? Me?
You don't support this site. You only seek to disrupt it. Take out a membership, you cheap bastard.

Where did you change, bigsurjane?
I just read through 5 pages of your past posts and they are nothing like this one where you accuse others of being "conspiracy collective" and "truthers". In fact, many of your previous posts offer a completely different view of yourself as you stuck up for 911 truth and many of those you disrespect now. I thought we agreed on many levels in the past but now I question everything you say. I encourage everyone to study your history here and then ask themselves, "what happened"?

Looking at your past posts, you could have been me. Now, WE'RE conspiracy collectivists? hmmmmmmm

At least the guys you disrespect have the guts to get into the arena and give their best analysis. You? You throw rocks.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.