Comment: Liberal and neo-con sites agree, al-Assad must go

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Liberal and neo-con sites agree, al-Assad must go

Liberal sites like Huffington and Salon oppose Syria as strenuously as the neo-cons. They are totally pwned by TPTB.

Also, see the DP article where a young Muslim man was goaded by the FBI into planning to go to Syria to join the rebel forces, then arrested as a terrorist. These, of course, being the al-Qaeda terrorist rebels that the US govt is supporting in their attempt to topple al-Assad.

Pootie should move some troops and aircraft into Syria for joint defense exercises (nothing to do with the civil war), and, well, if something happens...

Obviously I have no wish for hostilities between Russia and the US, and I think that if Russia would repel US activity in Iran, Afghanistan and Syria (by their mere presence, not through force), it would bring stability to the region.

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