Comment: Beck is all about misdirections

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Beck is all about misdirections

backstabbings, and Zionism, all a detriment to Liberty. How can you trust a guy who at best is mentally unstable, which I believe is just his method to bait and deceive. If the Saudi was involved he was more than likely working with Mossad, since Israel and SA have become a close aliance over the years, knowing they all come from the tribe of Khazar. Those in the fake Royal family structure definitely don't follow Wahabbism, and don't really follow Islam or any religion. I know this, because a friend's wife who is a Black American convert to Islam, worked as a nanny/teacher for Prince Bandar's children. Wahabbism is a tool to keep everybody bound by strict laws to keep the serfs in check. Osama was used by the CIA to bring Wahhabi clerics into Afganistan to establish Madrassa's for radicalization of the uneducated serfs and convine them to fight for Alah against the Soviets. My friend says he doesn't thing the bin Laden's are very religious either, even though Osama was thought to be a Muslim sheik. By the way, my friend is a former Wahabbist, who with my influence to get him to read the New Testement, along with influence by his other friends, convinced him to convert to Christianity. The reason many converted from Christianity to Islam, was by force and their ancestries unablility to read. The Quran gives great praise to Issa (Jesus) and the virgin birth by Mary, but claims Issa told of a new coming prophet, which they believe is Muhamad. However, if you can