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Comment: with friends like us...who needs enemies?

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with friends like us...who needs enemies?

Why are people so quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater? Rand is the only one in Washington fighting for us right now. And the minute he appears to step one toe out of line we jump on him like a pack of jaded jackals. Never mind if what he meant to say came out wrong, no time to find out by asking him and heaven sakes don't give him the benefit of the doubt. Better hurry up and jump on him and give him what for because we just know in our hearts that Ron Paul's son is pure evil. Don't we?

He's certainly not allowed to be human. If we misspeak in a blog post or a response to a post, we get a few down votes but still get a chance to rebut. However if Rand misspeaks then we should get first crack at his firing squad, the liberals and the neocons will just have to wait with their rifles in hand for their turn.

Who loses in this scenario? We all do.