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i agree

i agree with you,,,, and you will take much heat for saying it

but peter schiff has been screaming the same thing for years now and well......

i realized that gov't is playing games and manipulating,,,,, and i realize no one knows,,, it may be 2 years,,, it may be 20 years,,,,,, or we may just slowly trudge on and up ever so slowly

but peter schifff and c elente with the yelling and predicting mass doom any day now,,,, well 5 years on you become the boy that cried wolf

while everybody cried buy gold,,,, and i have silver and gold,,,,, you could have also made some good money on stocks as well

and yes by the fundamentals of free markets, fiat,,,, credit expansion, money printing ,,, gov't spending we're doomed

but how long

and b4 we collapse japan has to go,,,, way worse balance sheets,,,, now doubling the currency and the population, age demographics
they have to go down first