Comment: If this is true or so pans out to be....

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If this is true or so pans out to be....

...then the message must by now be crystal clear to even the most stalwart doubters among us!

(And people say NO WAY to there being a conspiracy by our government to fuck us all over outright?! Wake the fuck up and deal with it, people!)

This is such blatant and contemptuous TREACHERY by these punk-ass piece-of-shit motherfuckers! Yet another practically formal Declaration of War by Congress (plus obviously the Executive AND the Supreme Court [in upholding the "Constitutionality" of this "law" / sabotage]) upon its Citizens.

The quote topping the website, incidentally:
"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it"

"*Right*", yes. But more like *DUTY*.

It's about time we do our Duty, I say. We are obviously being pushed toward it by these vampires who will suck on our necks until we force them off and vanquish them with, I'm sad to say, violence or the sincere threat thereof (via presence: masses of People clogging D.C. and government offices, etc. for starters). But as we all ask here: how much more will we take? And for how long?

[***I am sorry that my language is so foul. Please accept my apology. But better words than "sticks and stones" for now, I should think. Agitate! Agitate!]

What would the Founders do?