Comment: Don't Jump to the Middle of the Discussion

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Don't Jump to the Middle of the Discussion

I campaigned for Rand in Kentucky in 2010, but like all politicians, Paul must be watched. We the People, the true masters of our nation, must quit allowing our civil servants to frame the discussion. The discussion needs to begin at the beginning. Do We the People want to allow our "servants" weapons that far exceed our own and even have more capability to abuse their power and unconstitutionally surveil us and possibly kill us. I didn't agree with it during his filibuster and don't agree with it now. If our servants have all the weapons, who is really the Master ? Yes, what We the People have today are fly swatters next to what our servants are wielding - drones, sound cannons, tanks, automatic weapons, body armour, etc etc.

Personally, I do not want drones in the hands of our servants.
Who do you think is giving grants for all these drones ? The Department of Homeland Security. In a state of "national emergency", who do you think will be wielding these drones ?

The true intent of the 2nd Amendment was that We the People would ALWAYS retain more power than the federal government. Yes, more. In the George Washington administration, who had more power? The federal government had limited taxing ability and no standing army. The power was in the people and state militias and the states. Not so today. Today, the federal government is overbearing, overspending and over reaching. Stop the federal government.

This post shows the Seattle mayor and police chief making an easy decision regarding drones. It also mentions DHS is offering $$$ for the drones. Why is DHS doing this ?

Don't forget, Money makes the world go round.