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ease of use and lack of risk

The assignations wouldn't be as frequent with out a drone, because it takes any and all danger out of one side of the operation. Take away the drones and the assignations plummet.

The same sort of thing can be applied to a 9 mm on a police drone. Cops shoot too many people wrongfully now and few people are dumb enough too shoot back at the cops today because they will gladly pump you full of holes a retribution. Why should the police have such an advantage? You give people in power more powerful tools it will be abused and there will be no turning back.

If you are going to take someones life you have to be damn sure he deserves it. I don't think an HD camera is good enough validation and there will be alot of oops it looked like him on the monitor quotes in the future. Right now the cops will claim they shot someone because he had a gun only to find out later it was a remote control for the TV. Now they have a new one...He was carry'n a pressure cooker. When its up to a camera feed they are going to say he had a gun I saw it on the monitor and the only thing on the guy will be his iphone.