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Remember ONE thing...

What has been reported was done ANONYMOUSLY. It's VERY possible that it was two police officers. What they say is CREDIBLE. Not all cops are bad cops. I don't want to say anything more than that.

BUT....what about Tamerlan? I can tell you one thing FOR SURE, since I know Detectives and Policemen, that IF Tamerlan was really firing a gun off into a crowd of many police/swat men, he wouldn't have survived it. But, that's NOT what happened. Tamerlan HAD TO HAVE been UNARMED for them to have strip-searched him and put him inside the police vehicle with handcuffs on behind his back. Let me tell you, If he had a gun, he had to have left it inside the car, and I suspect he raised his hands and surrendered.

So, I firmly believe Tamerlan was not in an alleged shootouts! That's crazy to believe, if you know as much about law enforcement as I do. Inquests are done all the time when somebody gets killed by a policeman. It's the law. I wonder how the FBI gets out of this one.