Comment: More truth coming out

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More truth coming out

So, from Tsarnaev sticking his gun in his mouth to commit suicide and shooting himself in the throat and neck instead, to now he doesn't have a gun at all. I thought the suicide thing was bunk to begin with anyway. Now some are saying he was shot in the throat once they got him out of the boat to keep him from being able to speak. So who knows, hope all the truth comes out.

Interestingly, he had to have had been hit in the boat or a existing wound opened up, due to the large amount of fresh blood on the fender of the boat. He was leaking blood from somewhere. There are photos of him straddling the boat before they dragged him off. He was reported to be shot in the leg, so if it's his left leg, makes sense blood would be leaking down his left leg onto the fender.
Anyway, so much of this story needs the truth told.