Comment: OK, which is it Ms. Maddow...

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OK, which is it Ms. Maddow...

Do all of us out here in the "fly over" states hate and mistrust the government or do we want to kill muslims?

Please explain this to us in your infinite, boxed up, cabled, and poorly written narrative? I'm quite sure you don't know. And, if you are choosing between one of those two examples as to why we are "blowing up the airways" with questions then I KNOW you don't know.

Folks, these lame street guys are REALLY worried! They are coming right out and mentioning their madness as to, somehow, defend themselves!

They DO know this, and this bubble head proves it, they have to try and stop this avalanche of questions coming from the American public because only SO MANY false flags can be perpetrated before people everywhere will say what we are saying now; "STOP THIS MADNESS! We KNOW its NOT real. There are FAR TOO MANY inconsistensies."

Here's a BIG plus for us...the word; Conspiracy.

Conspiracy, whenever it is alluded to and no matter the way it is directed, conjures up the mother of all conspiracies, the JFK assassination. And this is where the lame street idiots fail! Most Americans, now an overwhelming percentage, believe there WAS a conspiracy to kill JFK. Not ONLY do they believe that there was a conspiracy to kill but they also understand why he was killed and why it matters. They have connected the dots.

So, Rachel, please, you keep right on bringing up how EVERYTHING is a conspiracy because people already believe that, anyway, and you are just reinforcing their truths. Witness, the Drudge Report. Witness, infowars. Witness, the DailyPaul. Witness, the slow and agonizing death of the main street media.

They are beyond ignoring us now, wouldn't you say, folks? They are beyond ridiculing us. They are now fighting us. In fact, with all these false flags, they are, literally, fighting and killing us.

Soon, very soon, the dam will bust and we, the people will win. They, the killers, the warmongers, the global elitists who control the mass media, will be overwhelmed and proven wrong. It is only a matter of time. And when we, the people do win may God have mercy on all of their souls that killed all of the innocents the world over.

The clinton's, the bush's (both of them), the cheny's, the rumsfelds, the rockefeller's, the obombya's, they will all burn in hell and we, the people will sit in judgement on their juries.

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