Comment: I like Rand too.

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I like Rand too.

He irritates me sometimes... but those are only a few issues. Overall I think he is a great voice of liberty in Congress.

He has one major obstacle in his way though... same for all other "liberty candidates" who plan on running for the Puppet Command Post that is the Oval Office. That obstacle is "The Powers that Be".

I can't see the String Pullers allowing someone of our caliber into the Oval Office. They will lie, cheat, and steal away as many votes as they can. They will rig the voting machines. They will even stoop so low as to KILL US in a false flag type of event, just to change the public narrative in their favor.

Let's say that Rand or Amash or some other liberty candidate DOES win a national election for the Presidency. What fail-safes will be in place to prevent another JFK event?

If Rand wants to win, a lot needs to happen between now and 2016. The Mainstream Media needs to become IRRELEVENT. More people need to "wake up" to the realities of a "New World Order" and the Shadow Government that pushes the NWO agenda. Rand will need a running-mate that is not in the Old Guard of establishment hacks, so they can't just off him and let a sock-puppet take the reins. Ultimately, people have to WANT it, and not be arm-chair patriots. Grassroots activism needs to step up to the plate, even more than they did in 2012, and TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR LOCAL PARTIES AND COMMITTEES. In order for this to work, the r3VOLution must be bottom-up, not top-down.

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