Comment: First they ignored us.

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First they ignored us.

Now they're fighting us.

Soon we'll win.

Any press is good press. The fact that the mainstream media is acknowledging the likes of Alex Jones means they are really starting to get scared. It's character assassination time.

What's unfortunate is that they're throwing Matt Drudge under the bus with him. Drudge is popular and therefore a threat, I just hope he's powerful enough to survive their attacks on him or hope he doesn't give in to them, or even worse, hope they don't Aaron Swartz him.

What I don't like about this and what we're likely to see more of is they are piling those who question things (us), or as they like to call us "conspiracy theorists," with the establishment Republicans. Using those Fox News clips juxtaposed with Alex Jones clips makes it seem like AJ and his readers also subscribe to the anti-Islam sentiment, when it's in fact quite the opposite.

Btw, I don't trust Glenn Beck, and also find it disconcerting that they are lumping him into the mix.

On a side note, that was one of the worst pieces of journalism, no investigation at all, just acceptance of what others (government) say, and denial of opposition without properly assessing counterarguments (she didn't even finish reading the quotes?!). But we're used to this already.

Anyways, in conclusion, we're winning b*tches!