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Comment: It's all lies!!

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It's all lies!!

Really really sad that we have this kind of government to take out innocent people and blame as patsies for their false flag, is truly disgusting. And ruin this young kids life. Our government is truly truly INSANE!!!! Pray for this young guy and his family! Alex Jones spoke with his aunt and the elites threatened the family, I'm sure they did the same to this kid who they tried to kill but had to back off when the media arrived. They were going to kill him until media showed up. THIS GOVERNMENT IS HARD CORE MAFIA!!!

His aunt said the FBI was always calling them, and they set them up! I'm sure. The two kids probably thought they were doing something good for their country and got framed. The younger brother was in college with a scholarship and with straight A's!!! These were not bad kids!!! Just patsies for the NWO MAFIA!