Comment: Terrorism? What terrorism!

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Terrorism? What terrorism!

Terrorism is not a person and it's not an ideology it is a method, a means to an end. Do individuals terrorize to obtain a certain result from their victims? of course, so why is it so hard for someone to entertain the thought that a group of people, large or small, public or private can or would engage in such behavior to get results just like an individual might do, this is a paradox and I'm afraid there are a lot of people here and in the world in general that are unable or unwilling to reach this conclusion in the face of voluminous historical evidence.
Alex Jones is just as much a fallible human as the rest of us and to idolize or attack him is to loose focus on the message and that is there are individuals and groups of people that commit acts of terror in this world whether for money, power, recognition, or just for the sport of it because they are psychopaths and these people come in all forms and flavors, to say that these acts couldn't possibly be perpetrated by someone because he/she is a politician, religious figure, police & military, doctor, lawyer, etc. is the height of ignorance.
I for one don't really care what Ron Paul said or didn't say concerning 9/11 he is just as fallible as you or I but he gains my respect for his consistency as a statesmen and for his love of this country and the precepts it was founded on. I'll end on this note for the unfortunate public schrool indoctrinates amongst us, with a question. Does anybody here believe that the founders of this country thought there was such a thing as government i.e. state sponsored terrorism? If your answer is a resounding NO! go back to sleep and stop reading any further.
The first ten amendments to the constitution and those who wrote them by examples of their writing them down for us to inherit lived through the kind of shit we witnessed in Boston the other day, but if my memory serves me, I don't believe they cheered and clapped for the red coats or as I like to think of them as, our modern day Waffen SS who terrorized! Yes, terrorized unarmed private citizens in their private homes who were going about their private lives. Tyranny is here folks, stop making excuses for it and in doing so pissing on the graves of real patriots!


An oathkeeper & combat vet