Comment: So I listened to an Architect

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So I listened to an Architect

So I listened to an Architect describe how it was physically impossible for a plane to make the buildings collapse, and how the designer of the building said he made it strong enough to withstand a much larger 747 impact....and I just had to stand up and say that's crazy..why that's not what CNN told me....Then he showed me a bunch of graphs and videos of the thermate burning thru steel columns and spoke in technical terms...

Then he mentioned about how the de-bunkers of 911 Conspiracy Theories (Popular Mechanics) will not debate the Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth in a public forum so they can go over the science behind the collapses. And I just said well I wouldn't either...trying to understand all those FACTS gives me a headache... so I had to watch Dancing With The Stars. And have you seen America's Got Talent...Ohhhh so thrilling. I told them that it's so much easier to listen to MSNBC tell me the facts as they have been told by their handlers so there is no need to goto alternative websites and get uncensored information when censored information works just as well. By the way that reminds me...I have to TIVO the Kardashians...after she has her baby I think she's gonna get thrilling.

When he called me from the plane and introduced himself to me...I thought. Hmmmm...I'm on a hijacked planed that terrorists have just taken over...I'm going to call my mom and introduce myself to her because I have to do that as part of my job and I wanna be formal and it's my mom and....Good grief..poor lady.

U can't argue with them because once they learn the TRUTH, and see/understand all that technical stuff those scientists and experts in their fields were were depicting, it's like Monica Lewinsky's lips...they lock on and don't let go. I try to tell them the facts aren't as important as what you Rachel Maddow and your co-workers here at Operation Mockingbird, tell us they are.

U also notice Rachel Maddow, when mentioning the Mrs. Obama headline, provides no details...however:

Kurt Nimmo
April 24, 2013

"Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali al-Harbi, who was briefly held as a “person of interest” in the Boston bombings and then downgraded in less than 24 hours to a witness, visited the White House on numerous occasions since 2009. The startling allegation follows an earlier report indicating that al-Harbi was visited in the hospital by First Lady Michelle Obama after he allegedly sustained injuries from one of the explosives placed at the Boston Marathon..."

Oh my...even if those are facts I really liked those shoes Michelle was wearing...I don't want to hear anymore facts about these bombers.

Poor lady...good grief.

P.S. - I do feel for her and and the loss of her son.