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Hi Denise

It is so good to hear from you! I have wondered about you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Sometimes I wonder if the government itself is not trying to remove the foundation of trust the people have in it…Part of shaking up the populace and causing disillusionment so that we do not know what or who to believe or to trust…So that we are an easily conquered people. I don’t know. That all sounds crazy, but it is a thought I have been having of late and I do not have it formulated well into words. What happens when young adults are disillusioned? Ron Paul did not spend his time doing that. He spent his time education young adults so that they could recognize the difference between Liberty and Tyranny. Of course, it is just a thought a though I have been having lately. You are there first hand and understand the situation and the teacher more than I ever could. My best wishes to you and yours!