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OK ((((dducky)))) I'll, "mark your words"

Rand has already surpassed Ron in achieving a senate seat, in MSM attention.

I'm on the bottom ((((dducky)))) and I do not see any other way to achieve liberty than by getting involved. I'm grateful Ron and Rand got involved, and am grateful they inspired me to get involved in the GOP. Ron and Rand are both genius's and I LOVE what I'm seeing happening in the GOP because of Rand. It's pretty apparent, Rand was not standing behind the door diring his father's tenure as a congressman no one wanted to eat lunch with, "crazy uncle Ron", who was censored (and we were tortured watching it).

The Objective is restoring the republic to constitutional government (ending the patriot acts and dumping the UN Agenda, reducing the size of government by transforming the police state into a producing state, which takes liberty, and sound money).

There are a number of PACs and organizations, like Republican Liberty Caucus backing Rand in the GOP, and it's awesome.. a Paul Fest! just yesterday, The Judge, Kokesh and Mat Larsen all came to Rand's defense. Rand asked, they did.. so what does that tell me? That people are uniting with Rand because we know we we are up against in the GOP.

Your posts are the perfect posts for Lindsay Graham, John McCain and Hillary Clinton supporters. As for trusting TPTB, Rand doesn't trust them and why he rests his cases on the constitution.

The only liberty movement I know is happening in the GOP.