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I suppose you would have proceeded to trial

Even as you suspected your highly paid advocate of selling you out and a certainty of facing a two year suspension of your drivers license which would cause you to lose your job and as a result cause you to lose your home that you have worked all you life to acquire. As I've seen in the past you either refuse to accept any type of reality to a situation or you simply ignore the obvious. You really should remove the rose tinted spectacles and view the world and most notably the Judicial system as it really is. The lawyers, no matter how well paid, are members of the same fraternity as the Prosecutors and Judges. Would you be naive enough to expect a fair trial in front of a judge who was a Mason, being prosecuted by a District Attorney who was a Mason and being represented by an attorney who was a Mason and who all worked together day by day? The system has become nothing but a protected extortion scheme with all the players helping each other in their never ceasing pursuit of robbing the citizenry and postponing the inevitable death of their racket. One thing I can definitely state that is a difference between us. If faced with the same situation of authorities demanding I surrender a Constitutional protection, I would do the same thing over again and have the intelligence to realize what is really occurring.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.