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Yeah George Bush and Oblahblah presidency is less horrible than

A Rand presidency. Those two were a picnic while having Rand would just be AWFUL! paleeeeeeeeze!!!!!!! They are destroying us anyway. Rand could at least change hearts and minds.

Look. they may never let him be president. We all know how they can stop him because of the examples of Ron Paul's runs for president. Liberty DOES start from the bottom up but having a spokesman out there that the sheeple can cotton to helps a great deal. Rand only ever helps liberty movement with each thing he tries to do in Washington and when he speaks to mixed audiences.

Many many many conservatives are newly interested in Rand. But if they think he is not viable because his base has turned on him then they will stop listening to him.

Time mag cover is ONLY GOOD in that it's what Sheeple read.

I think Rand knows exactly what the score is and how things work. But I think it's the liberty movement that is naive on how to change peoples minds and how to wake them from their life long propaganda stupor. You have to attract and get the attention sheeple with a shiny glittery watch as their focus is firmly on sports and entertainment and never question anything beyond corporate pundent news. Rand is a shiny watch...let him be so. Marco Rubio has lost his luster. Hes a lame duck

Get it?