Comment: OK, me again

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OK, me again

I realize I am always asking you questions. Do you know about any of this?

I ran across the name Anatoly Golitsyn and am watching some youtube videos on the "soviet collaps" by McIlhany Report called The Perestroika Deception. I decided to search the DP to see if other people had talked about this and I found my sailor friend talking with people about it. Am I supposed to believe that Christopher Story is telling the truth? Is it OK to believe what soviet defectors tell us?

I also ran into a website here talking about Overture.

I am just trying to understand. I think one time you kinda told me to be gone. Does that mean never ask you any questions? If it does, I can understand and will not bother you. But I just want to know what is going on with all of these bombings and explosions and Gorbachev living in the Presidio?

I got started looking because MN has a post on the front page about Russia warning the US about the those Russian brothers.

Sometimes I think I understand and then it all becomes so confusing. Is this whole NWO thing a Soviet take over? And then I have to try to balance all of this with Antony Suttons works concerning Walstreet funding the Bolshevik Revolution.

Can you see clearly thru the fog my sailor friend. Can you see any land or shall we be adrift for some time to come? I didn't like Rand's comments on Fox regarding him not caring whether the police or a drone kills a man coming out of a liquor store with a gun and $50. He is either not careful and specific with his words, or he is saying it is OK for a single person to be judge, jury, and executioner. Since when is armed robbery a capital offence? He didn't say the guy coming out of the liquor store was shooting his way out. He didn't set the scene as far as what I saw and heard. He just said it didn't matter to him one way or another how the man with the gun and $50 was killed. People hear those words and think it is OK. My own man that I am walking close to didn't have a problem with the words until I started talking about what I think was was wrong with them. And He is a smart man and loves and believes in liberty.

OK so I've spilled my guts.