Comment: Not mad. I'll probably take

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Not mad. I'll probably take

Not mad.

I'll probably take some heat for this, but I'm not going to get excited until he actually announces he's running. Why? Voters nominated McCain for 2008 and Romney for 2012.
It is my belief that while he may sound "neocon-ish", I think he is doing so as not to be dismissed by voters early on. Rubio is already out because of immigration... who is left in the stable? Jeb? pfft. Christie? pfft. Paul Ryan? pfft.. It is going to take some time for Republican voters to be open to ideas not fed by conservamedia...

I have a hard time believing he isn't aligned with his father's values... he knows he is already under scrutiny by the liberty movement, I don't think he is going to do anything to alienate them, but I'll forgive him if he has to "politic" a bit to win the nomination and Presidency. His most recent budget release shows that he is the only one serious about fixing problems.
Either way, it is still important for us to reach out and engage all voters...

I still engage my progressive friends on political views on FB, not that it will change their mind, but at least demonstrate to their friends that may not be like minded... there are other points of view out there (plus it is so frigging easy to destroy talking points).

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