Comment: Rand is NOT a fraud! He's a politician!

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Rand is NOT a fraud! He's a politician!

And a lot better one than his dad. Which is exactly why i don't trust him, but if i have a choice between stale bread and a turd to eat I'm going with the stale bread. Rand is my stale bread choice for 2016, he's not perfect and he is not even close to as great as his papa but he is the closest thing we've got to a liberty candidate that could potentially win something. Besides, all this hoopla about national politics is really more like a football game these days anyway, a distraction. The way to truly take back our country and the constitution is to get involved in local politics and party and help local liberty candidates get elected. If we can figure out how to take back our congress on state and federal levels we stand a much better chance of returning to sound principles, government, and money.

My three cents. (It was 2 cents but due to inflation...)