Comment: You missed my point.

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You missed my point.

Point: POTUS should not be the goal.

Government sucks. It is the hierarchy of the power structure. It is about maintaining power and consent via a monopoly on the initiation of force or a monopoly on the creation and implementation of rules.

Why should our goal be winning an influential position in the hierarchy of power? I believe, as Ron believes, that winning the hearts and minds of the people is the only way to change. Rand is not doing this now so why do you think him as POTUS he will change? People have been indoctrinated to forget what freedom is. We have to change that. Talk to any person on the street and survey them as to what liberty is. Most have no clue. Not only do they not have a clue they parrot State outlet TV verbatim. Reminding these people of their innate desire of liberty and peeling away the indoctrination layers is the only way to change our situation.

Government and the power structure can only maintain that power with a majority of the people either consenting or acquiescing.

A desire to win the POTUS to force one's definition of freedom on people is not going to work. Rand does not really even fully get Ron's message of freedom. Most here at DP have studied for years on this concept of freedom. Rand has not done this yet. Even if he is not a sell-out (I think he is though), he has not done his due diligence so he is worthless to us.

Ron wanted to run for POTUS to spread a message. I believe he was right on.

Please do not take my opinion as hateful or divisive. I believe my thoughts should be heard on this. I believe I am right. So do you. So we can agree to disagree but please just try to understand that your stated goal is different from mine and our methods are different too. I do not think the ends justify the means - the federal power structure was immoral from the beginning and being top dog is should not be our goal. It is not away to bring peace, liberty, or prosperity. People should be able to know their rulers personally or chose not to have them.