Comment: Ron Paul has done nothing but speed up since his "retirement" ..

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Ron Paul has done nothing but speed up since his "retirement" ..

This guy is not stopping any time soon. Does this really surprise anyone? Ron Paul is an INTJ personality type and what others consider work the INTJ's consider fun! Ron Paul, like most other INTJs will be going, going, going until the day he can't.

He has been starting all kinds of organizations, such as his homeschooling thing and his Ron Paul Institute and his Ron Paul podcasts. He's been touring college campuses all over the nation, and now he's starting to appear on TV a lot more frequently. His energy is totally devoted to spreading his message and I don't see why he wouldn't add a presidential run to the message-spreading mix.

For people who say that he wouldn't run against his son, I strongly disagree. Rand Paul would have a much better chance of winning the nomination if there was someone on the debate stage to make Rand look less "extreme" ... because we all know that when Rand stands next to Ron, he looks like just another statist! LOL. And after all, a statist is what the people want. Ron Would be doing Rand a HUGE favor to run.

And it would further the cause of liberty because then the debate would not be statists vs. statists and the one "extreme" libertarian. Instead it would force the debate into statism vs. liberty, especially if there was another libertarian type on the stage, such as Gary Johnson or Judge Napolitano.

In fat, the more libertarians they can cram on stage, the better! Maybe then it could be a libertarian vs. libertarian debate with the one "extreme" statist on the end of the stage! :)