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Comment: Rand is playing politics.

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Rand is playing politics.

He's positioning himself in the ring. He's a smart guy and while we may get pissed off when he goes a bit Bill Kristol on a comment, there is an underlying reason for it. Rand is a brilliant politician. If you can't see that, you're missing the point. Rand knows that the bully pulpit of the Presidency is what will be needed to have a sounding board to mainstream austrian economics and to reiterate that the constitution is actually the law. Lets face it, while we know Ron is a great guy and has a huge heart, his strategy worked incredibly well at gaining grassroots momentum, but it was not enough to overcome the cheats in the GOP, and the press made him look like a loon. Ron is not a good politician, but a great statesman. I think Rand has the cards, as the talk radio heads sing his praises most of the time, and he's positioned himself not to look weak to the neocon electorate. Only time will tell, but if we don't have a Rand Paul type as president in the next eight years, it truly time to throw in the towel on this country and our children's future.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.