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I don't think the presidency is EVER the goal

I think we live in such a complicated and corrupt country that reality is elusive even to us who fancy ourselves awake. I think all to many times we think we understand what's going on but manipulation is much greater than we realize.

People who have full trust in the mainstream media and the leaders of the current political parties are really the target. I think the liberals in particular have known this for over a century. They took over the schools and the media in particular to change the ideas and the values of the American public until they could be influenced to give up their rights and accept a more communistic type government. They did an excellent job apparently. Well, if we have any chance at all in turning this country around, then we also have to change peoples values and knowledge.

And the quickest and most effective way to do that obviously is through media and education....we don't control the media or education but we do have an advantage. We have the internet. Politicians help us spread the message through media. Rand is the best we have at this. Don't shoot him in the foot. Accept the good that he can do as one individual.