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OK so it was, in your opinion, a cowardly

and dastardly act I committed by pleading to the non rated misdemeanor instead of going to trial with an attorney, remember, this occurred ten minutes before trial and the case has languished for almost two and a half years, the judge would brook no other delays so I couldn't fire the attorney and I had lost all faith in him. By pleading and accepting the $1800.00 in cost and fines on top of the $6500.00 I paid to the lawyer I saved my job, my home, with my garages where three classic cars are kept, and this computer I am working on along with all my other worldly possessions including my cherished Chesapeake Bay Retriever. There is absolutely no doubt I would have lost all if I had pursued a trial with the representation I had erroneously trusted and chosen. I am a widower who lives alone and a 30 day sentence would amount to a bankruptcy for me and a veritable death sentence for my pet. I stood up a against the violation of my Constitutional protections and won on that point but in this state they declare the revocation of a license to be a matter of Administrative perogative of the DOT and not a matter of law.
Would you care to hear about the time I had a couple of Judges, both of which are in jail for locking up over 4000 juveniles in a detention center they had a large financial stake in really pissed off at me? At the time I had a hot dog cart at the County Court house and it was a focal point for all the malcontents in the County. An individual showed up at my house supported by every police officer from the four surrounding municipalities purporting to be a cop from my municipality. As I was allowing him to cuff me he attempted to wrench my arm behind my back. This is an impossible thing to do due to a large pin in my shoulder that has been there since 1973. When my body went with the arm it was enough to charge me with resisting arrest. I was 52 at the time and never had a problem with the law. An astounding development arose where the individual turned out to not be a lawful cop. Two days before trial my attorney abruptly quit the case so I was forced to proceed on my own. Even though the "cop" confessed he had no right to place me under arrest I was convicted by a jury of resisting arrest. The County I live in is so corrupt (ever see the Mollie McGuires) that the great radio announcer Walter Wintchell stated,"If you wish to get away with murder, do it in Luzerne County". Oh yeah, the District Attorney who allowed the Judges to illegally lock up the masses of kids was elected to a Judgeship right after the judges were locked up due to his spending a few million to get elected, only problem was the money came from his attorney dad who is now on trial for embezzlement of clients monies. The State Attorney General at the time, who couldn't be bothered investigating these judges, is also now our Governor, it took the Feds getting involved to get things half cleaned up here. Good luck with trusting the Judicial system, you are just what they are counting on.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.