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I've been around OVER 5 YEARS----

and, I am NOT a supporter, nor will I be, for RAND PAUL.

Now, what are you gonna say?

A person doesn't MIS-SPEAK, unless he is either not convinced of his own viewpoint, or he is pandering to someone else's. If Rand had the strength of conviction of his own beliefs, he would NOT have this problem.

DR. RON PAUL was a man of integrity in all respects. We all know this. We know the pressure he had on him in Congress, yet we loved him because of ONE REASON ALONE----his "CONSISTENCY".

Sorry, but Rand doesn't cut the mustard here. I will never donate to his campaigns, nor will I travel across state lines to physically campaign for him. It's my sense that he was jealous of his father, based on a real life conversation a friend of mind had with him. He betrayed him, when he decided he wanted to one-up him. But, it won't work. I won't contribute. He isn't worth it. Sorry to disappoint.