Comment: No substitute for antibiotic treatment mostly.

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No substitute for antibiotic treatment mostly.

There's nothing in the herbalist took kit that comes close to antibiotics for internal bacterial infection. Some of our treatments can help you for a short time until you get antibiotics. Otherwise they are the only thing you have and your survival rate drops radically.

What are those natural tools? In crisis take all the ginger and raw garlic you can get your hands on. Goldenseal is indicated as in ecchinacea but WATCH OVERDOSING ON ECCHINACEA, man what a tummy ache that will give you. Watch patient temperatures. If they are going lethargic that is a first end sign. When they manifest fever you are in trouble. Again, use these methods only where you can't get somebody something better.

I'm currently treating a dog with deep tissue infection with fish tank antibiotic I got from the pet store and that's what some of us use when we need them. Cost? $16.00.

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