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Comment: Political power in democracy comes from the barrel of a gun.

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Political power in democracy comes from the barrel of a gun.

from someone else comment on this thread

"The true intent of the 2nd Amendment was that We the People would ALWAYS retain more power than the federal government. Yes, more. In the George Washington administration, who had more power? The federal government had limited taxing ability and no standing army. The power was in the people and state militias and the states. Not so today. Today, the federal government is overbearing, overspending and over reaching. Stop the federal government."

In an ideal world the government would only have drones because the populace has drones. the government has guns because we do. we have allowed the country to become a military state when we allowed them to out firepower the populace.

While i completely agree with what you say i can also see why some are worried that the government having drones just makes it easier for them to kill/oppress us. I see the drones DARPA makes and it is worry some that they would be used to wage war without a second thought about human life because "casualties" would be one sided. if you out gun someone as you said you can capture the world. (as the bow did)

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