Comment: Here's the problem.

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Here's the problem.

There is a lot we agree on.

It's not really what we disagree on that is the problem. The problem is how we do it.

There are those of us who want some more freedom and those that want a lot more.

We should all agree that we don't have enough. But some people can't leave it there.

I won't point fingers at who does it more but there's a tendency for some people to try to shut down debate and vilify or ostracize people who disagree. That is what is divisive.

Whatever you believe you're not going to force that belief on the rest and trying is destructive. Constitutional conservatives, minarchists, and voluntarists are all libertarians.

What I find offensive is when someone insists some kind of libertarian isn't libertarian and they should go away.

Essentially it boils down to some people are rude jerks. And rude jerks tend to result to invective and as well take disagreement as a personal affront.

The solution is people need to stop being rude insecure jerks. Sadly I have no idea how this can be accomplished.