Comment: And you are always -The Mysterious Mark Twain -

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And you are always -The Mysterious Mark Twain -

"Authenticating and publishing deception is in and of itself deceptive." - Mark Twain

I removed my comment from MN's post regarding Russia telling the US about the bomber brothers. I had linked Mr. Story's interview. I don't want to publish deception.

I think Rand Paul published deception when he spoke on FOX saying he didn't care whether a drone or a the police killed a man exiting a liquor store with a gun and $50. I do not think I would ever hear words like those coming out of Ron Paul's mouth...the point being that neither should be doing any killing.

Lovely book, "Innocents Abroad." I have not ever read that book. If I read it will I understand the clandestined ways of the world. Do you know anyone who knows and understands? How can one even investigate the truth when there are so many liars?

I am inquisitive...and too skin is thin...probably is why I am so inquisitive as I don't mind letting people know I am ignorant...vulnerability exposed...hopefully not too much gullibility, though I fear that I seek answers.

My husband said my question posed about Zionism and hatred of the Jewish people, etc, was too broad.