Comment: Death of America, or Sheeple simply being Sheeple?

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Death of America, or Sheeple simply being Sheeple?

Don't give a shiite whoTF you are, you point your muzzle, better be ready to use it.

If that were a citizen who pointed their carbine muzzle at another citizen, unjustified, let alone a copthug, he/she would've been ARRESTED for menacingly brandishing a lethal weapon, and/or charged with making terroristic threats!

I'm sorry, I never got the "CopTHUGS = God" memo.

In a 'fair' unicorn universe, that wannabe motherfcucker who deludes he's 'patrolling' the streets of Faluja, hiding behind the Humvee turret, would've been arrested on the spot. And, had I been his commander, I'd have biotchsmacked him for exercising exceptionally moronic, non-existent muzzle discipline (let alone, would've never allowed my unit to follow illegal orders to deploy, to martialize Boston to begin with).

Of course, in a fair universe, no citizen of Boston would've EVER put up with Martial Law rolling through, to begin with. But I digress, ya Fcuking MASSholes!!!

Video: SWAT police gunpoint raids in Boston Were Conducted “House After House”

Media says SWAT teams “rescued” families by ripping them out of their homes at gunpoint

Steve Watson
April 25, 2013

Further footage has emerged from last week in Watertown where armies of SWAT police went door to door ripping families out of their homes in the manhunt that ensued following the Boston bombings.

On Monday we posted an article featuring footage of one raid on a house in Watertown, Massachusetts, where police can be seen screaming at a family to get out of their home and run down the street with their hands above their heads, all the time with automatic weapons trained on them.

We received hundreds of eyewitness photographs and accounts of this taking place, with militarized police pointing guns and treating citizens like terrorist criminals. While armies of police in armored vehicles roamed around the suburban streets, public transportation was shut down, businesses were forced to close, and a no-fly zone was enacted over the entire city of Boston in an unprecedented show of force.

We said that this was the epitome of martial law.

Detractors simply could not accept that this could happen in America, and immediately claimed that we were overstating and exaggerating the situation and that what was witnessed in the video footage was an isolated incident.

This latest footage puts those erroneous claims to rest as it reveals that police instigated this course of action as a matter of routine for every home they searched in the twenty block zone around Watertown.

So that's why it takes an hour to respond to a 911 call; they got to get all prim and proper with tactical lipstick, nightgown, and makeup to chase a 19yo Eurasian for the prom!

'Do my 5.11 cargo pants make my ass look fat??'

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul