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Author's intent

I don't disagree with anything you said concerning salvation. But I don't believe it was the author's intent to bring scriptures into this article to make it a discussion about whether we are saved by "grace alone, faith alone" or some form of work righteousness.

The scripture he refers to is (paraphrased): "Not all those who call on the Lord will be saved, but only those who do His will". Was Christ talking about work righteousness or hypocrisy? That is a discussion better saved for a new thread on the Religion forum.

I think that all the author was trying to convey in the Sermon on the Mount reference was the importance of that little word "do". That is why I wrote the line in the OP about "walk the walk". I'm sure he is no biblical scholar, as you are, and his use of this scripture was probably incorrect and certainly unnecessary.

I wish he would have stopped prior to the Sermon on the Mount tag, because I was afraid that someone would turn this thread into a discussion of religion, when religion has so little to do with the point he is trying to make in the article. If I thought that religion was the crux of this article, I would have posted it to the Religion forum.