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Comment: yeah I know how cameras work

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yeah I know how cameras work

and it may be overblown enough to block out a dark red stains and blood spurting from his neck although I doubt it. But lets run with that .... if a dark red blood stain is overblown wouldn't his hair be white as well? His hair isn't OVERBLOWN into whiteness. And how many people do you know shot in the neck would be able to easily climb out of a boat? And I also find if very curious that all these cop cars equipped with video cameras as well as helicopter videos and hundreds Boston video cameras as well as the convenient store etc. and all we get is a few pictures.

Why the black out?

And why are you so quick to accept the official story and quick to condemn anyone with a question? Is information conformity what you are after or just civilian military obedience? You know it takes great leaps of faith to believe the official story. But blindly accepting the official story is A-OK and justified by you? Why? Because it is most logical that they would tell you the truth? Yea cuz that's the way it has always been in history LOL