Comment: I say Ron Paul is a fraud, and he agrees with me.

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I say Ron Paul is a fraud, and he agrees with me.

I say Ron Paul is an Anarchist fraud, and he agrees with me.

In the same breath he'll tell you that he's not an Anarchist, but that Anarchy and privately owned government is his ultimate goal.

That's called being a two faced fraud. He IS an Anarchist, but he doesn't want you to know that or to understand what that really means. I know that Ron Paul can't tell you the truth, and I know why he can't tell you what's wrong with Anarchism.

He can't tell you why it SHOULDN'T be your ultimate goal, because Anarchism is what he wants.

He thinks his message is perfect. A Constitutional Republic is not perfect, and he knows that very well. If it was, he wouldn't call Anarchism his ultimate goal. He would call a Constitutional Republic his ultimate goal.

Those who advocate Anarchism are called Anarchists.

Anarchists are two faced frauds who know what they're offering is FAR from perfect. What they're offering is sure to fail. Let the world around you serve as the evidence. Anarchy has been done to death over and over again. Anarchism SUCKS and gets replaced by something better; government.

Nobody is as stupid as an Anarchist pretends to be, but they SURE DO think everybody else is...

I told you what Anarchists actually are, Communists, and they know damn well that what they're offering is not a solution, but something that fails, and gets replaced by what they actually want. Anarchy is their ONLY HOPE.

Were the Anarchists NOT hanging out in OWS camps with all the rest of the Communists? What they actually want is something they can't explain because it would reveal them as frauds. They need mobs and want to use you to get what they actually want.

They want to use people to destroy what they hate, a Constitutional Republic.

Lew Rockwell (Executor of Murray Rothbards estate and Ron Pauls friend of 40 years): "It would be a great thing to break up the US, just like it would be a great thing to break up the European Union."

Crap like that doesn't come out of my mouth because I'm not a fraud, and I don't serve an Anarchists purpose.