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The two of you do know that

The two of you do know that the Senators ratified the 17th amendment don't you? The States gave up their right, via their representatives -the Senators, voting in favour of the 17th amendment.

Thinking that by repealing the 17th amendment that the States would then act responsibly is ridiculous. How many States are in debt? How many are nearly, or completely, bankrupt?

To make matters far worse, the people are being manipulated -as they were in the past for other reasons- now to give-up the idea of Electors, via National Popular Vote; which would try to bring about a populous democracy. The worse part is that many politicians and massive amounts of the people themselves are in favour of this.

People do not want responsibility; they will always look to force their responsibility onto someone else, so they can make their own lives easier and without worry of being held to account (accept the negative effects of ones poor decisions) by they themselves being held responsible. Meaning that people don't want it to be their fault if something bad happens; and in so looking for an easy way out of the situation, the people create an even worse situation by giving all power to some omni-potent Mob-like organization called Government.