Comment: Got anything growing in the garden?

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Got anything growing in the garden?

I turned my son and daughter and law loose on my seed box back in February - there was a "preparedness fair" coming to town and I wanted to try to throw a small AP system together for it. They went a little berserk, so I have been nursing these starts for almost three months now, I have corn over a foot high, a zucchini and a winter squash in bloom, a watermelon putting on buds... all in my windowsill. Our last average frost date is June 1. I don't know if these poor babies can hold on that long, but we'll see.
When I was young, cops got in trouble if they injured a SUSPECT. And everyone was a "suspect" until "proven guilty in a court of law." Quaint and outdated notions, I suppose. I do not approve of police brutality, they are to be guardians of the law, not vigilantes. The cheering crowd makes me nearly as angry as the murderous cops. The sheriff in the next county had his deputy hold a loaded gun, safety off, to my friend's head and torment him for over half an hour, terrorizing him and his wife. They were called to their home for a domestic dispute that was obviously NOT happening, and they proceeded to terrorize them, injure them, and waltz away without even a slap on the wrist. I've done my best to be honest and warn you. I cannot make anyone see what my eyes have seen, but I know what I know, and trusting cops these days is the fast track to tyranny.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.